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July – mid way through the year – and a lot has happened. I have started regular role playing sessions, for one. The wonderful gang – formally known as STURP (the STockport Unorganised Role Players) – has provided me with something to do on a Wednesday evening, other than stay inside and watch ‘Fringe’ (though,…
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July 2, 2011 0

Agile Made Good

I find this funny, right here and right now. I suspect special courses, and special spectacles, exist that allow management to interpret what might essentially represent a good idea in this uniquely horrific way…

December 13, 2010 0

The Path Least Travelled

How do people make significant career changes? I don’t seem to have enough of an idea how to do it and I think it might well be holding me back. To my mind, change from one career to a completely different one must mean taking a hit on pay or working conditions. Taking one role…
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August 19, 2008 0


I’m struck by a dichotomy of purpose in the mornings… and I really have to get it sorted. On the one hand, I like to get up in the morning, have breakfast, drink some coffee, check messages – that sort of thing. Well, I actually don’t like the getting up part much, especially as my…
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November 5, 2007 0