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5 Pieces of Cover Art You Don’t Want to Miss – RPGaDay 2022

The original question was: Tag 1d8+1 friends with your favourite RPG cover art. But, I’m not a fan of tagging people into things they haven’t chosen to be part of, so I’ve rolled, adjusted that roll to a FIVE and will post that many pieces of cover art instead with a note as to why.…
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August 28, 2022 0

6 Roleplaying Games You Should Try – RPGaDay 2022

The question was: Roll 1d8+1, and tag that many friends and suggest a new RPG to try. But, I hate being tagged or intrusively engaging people in social media activities, so instead: Suggest 1d8+1 RPGs to try, it is. I rolled a 5, so I will be suggesting 6 RPGs. I’m not saying that they’re…
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August 14, 2022 0

minimal Explosion

For me, creating minimald6 versions of things seems to be a fine way of de-stressing and getting some creative juices running. I think it has something to do with the simplicity of the starting point and the challenge of emulation. There’s little point in creating something that doesn’t feel right. Davokar came out of a…
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March 29, 2018 0

Hardcover, Softcover, Digital

RPGaDay Day #8 asks: Hardcover, softcover, digital? What is your preference? If you look for the most significant impact on my gaming habits this year, you need to look no further than Symbaroum. A beautiful hardcover book filled with glorious illustrations with a dark and brooding cover image. The internal presentation of this book simply…
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August 17, 2016 0

Reading Shadow of the Demon Lord: Part 1

OK. So I picked Shadow of the Demon Lord up at Conception last weekend. Actually, I won it in the raffle at the end, which I appreciated a lot. I had my eye on the game for a while and picked up a bit of the electronic stuff, but the book I had on a sort…
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February 7, 2016 0

Symbaroum at Conception 2016

I ran two games of Symbaroum at Conception (at Hoburne Park holiday resort, a short distance from Christchurch, Dorset) this weekend based on adventures of my own devising. I referenced existing adventures to get me in the right frame of mind in the week before the event, but the adventures proper I ran based on nothing…
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February 2, 2016 0

Webs within Wheels

Preparation makes a lot of difference when you’re setting out to run any game. Greater minds than I have spent a lot of time writing on the subject. Gamers can find much advice on the matter scattered amongst guides, short essays and those parts of a game’s core book dealing with GM skills. I mentioned…
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January 20, 2016 0