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Free League have turned their Year Zero Engine to the business of making an Alien roleplaying game. Now, I love the Alien series of movies. Well, OK… I love the first three. Which is good, because the timeline of the RPG encompasses that period. On the other hand, I have an uneasy relationship with the…
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July 2, 2019 0

Celtic Wildness

Just played a session of Wild Talents with a Celtic Mythology background. All classic Celtic heroes, brimming with swords, confidence and the odd spasm. I think we might have a real problem with focus, as in the space of two plus hours we managed to get through a feast and a single combat. We got…
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June 9, 2011 0


Another evening trying to role play. Another ‘oh-so-very-close’ affair. Met some new people. Nice people. Chatted about games and gaming for 80 minutes – then went home. Yes, we might have tried to play something, but with only four people, and the prospect of more next week, we would have been going for a VERY…
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March 10, 2011 0