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An Afternoon of Board Games

I’m not a gamer that enjoys all games. I actually appreciate new games better if I have had the chance to at least cast a cursory gaze across the rules. Or, I can just about manage if I play a game with someone explaining the rules – providing they know the rules from back to…
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March 9, 2015 0

Free RPG Day with Whitehack

Whitehack proved to be quite an entertaining choice of game to run for Free RPG Day. Really, it provided a framework primarily for my GM style of largely ignoring the rules and forgetting the dice. However, what aspects of the game I did use ran well for me. I like the positive and negative rolls.…
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June 23, 2014 0

Krispy Kreme in Manchester

Last night I attended a preview event at the new Krispy Kreme store at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. This store represents the doughnut manufacturers first venture in the north of the country (I believe), as until now you have had to travel south to enjoy one of these glazed treats. I found a rather…
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December 13, 2007 0