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  • Favourite Character – RPGaDay 2023

    Favourite Character – RPGaDay 2023

    The original question was: Favourite Character And I’m going to bastardise this one slightly by referencing more than one character and none of them are mine. So… Favourite Character(s) Ayrton Fellowes, Dane Crowther, Ethan Burroughs, and Graham Giuradanda made up the team sent to Manhattan to investigate a missing woman and the astounding nightmare in…

  • Game Setting Detail – RPGaDay 2022

    Game Setting Detail – RPGaDay 2022

    The question is: Share an intriguing detail from a game setting you enjoy. I enjoyed Impossible Landscapes, written for the Delta Green game but adaptable to a number of games that deal with agencies battling the supernatural and unknown. I’ve run it once and I can see incredible potential for the diehard GM to engineer…

  • My Perfect Game – RPGaDay 2022

    My Perfect Game – RPGaDay 2022

    The question is: What would be your perfect game? Hmm. I think the perfect game is one with friends, online or around the table. It’s the game that everyone looks forward to and misses when it doesn’t happen. The game where memorable characters emerge and unforgetable moments are forged in the moment. It isn’t necessarily…