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Maelstrom Beggars Companion Appears

A year ago, I set about writing a Beggars Companion supplement for Maelstrom. Having struggled to write PARANOIA: The Underplex, a process that seemed to span a whole year and still turned out a product that felt a little wayward, I wanted to set myself a clear goal. At a minimum of 1,500 words a…
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November 28, 2011 0

Maelstrom Herbal Overview

Not the most exciting post for many, but I don’t care. I have compiled a ‘complete’ herbal overview for Maelstrom, and uploaded the result at Scribd.com. I did say this would very likely not excite many people. The herbal overview includes all the information from the original rules, broken down into a succinct and common…
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May 1, 2011 0