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Market Forceless

Reading this article – http://bbc.in/kzJuPJ – on the BBC about the success of Google’s Android, tempered by the relative ‘failure’ of the Android Market, rang true with me. When I purchased an iPhone a few years back, I felt spoilt by the Apps available. I wouldn’t consider my spending excessive, but I did buy many…
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May 9, 2011 0

Red Laser

I use a fair few apps, but generally I don’t post reviews. I thought I’d start. Downloaded Red Laser – www.redlaser.com – by Ocipital, purely on a whim and because it was in the Top Apps. Yes, I’d normally be cautious of that, but it turned out well… Basically, when you start the app, you…
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September 30, 2009 0

iPhone Chaos

I have been looking for an easy way to sort the apps on an iPhone; but, there isn’t one. I tried sorting them into categories, but adding new apps every few days meant the sorted pages rapidly got messed up. I could hack into the phone and create some sort of bastard control system. Or,…
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July 12, 2009 0