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  • Nokia’s Z Launcher: Day #1

    Downloaded Nokia’s Z Launcher this morning, after seeing an article about it. At a most basic level, a launcher is what you see on your home screen when you power on your Android phone (and get through whatever security you may have in place). The default state launcher will probably have a clock and a…

  • Pray You Don’t Brick It

    I updated my aging and struggling tablet with the CyanogenMod Android package. It wasn’t easy and it isn’t for the faint of heart, but I got it working in the end with some patience, a lot of reading, and a steady nerve.

  • Market Forceless

    Reading this article – http://bbc.in/kzJuPJ – on the BBC about the success of Google’s Android, tempered by the relative ‘failure’ of the Android Market, rang true with me. When I purchased an iPhone a few years back, I felt spoilt by the Apps available. I wouldn’t consider my spending excessive, but I did buy many…