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Small Worlds: First Glance

Superb! Most definitely down to Peter J Hammond (best known as the creator and writer of the classic Sapphire & Steel and some great direction (by Alice Troughton), Small Worlds just worked like no other episode of Torchwood had so far. The episode felt full to the brim with potential and characterisation – and that…
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November 13, 2006 0

Cyberwoman: First Glance

So, Cyberwoman – an hour of spot the gaff/contradiction? While I can appreciate you can love someone an awful lot, how could Ianto turn from dutiful assistant into weeping wreck willing to kill everyone for his cybernetically altered girlfriend? Mind, Ianto’s girlfriend went through a complete sea change of personality – from the desperate woman…
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November 6, 2006 0

Ghost Machine: First Glance

Torchwood had a little more to offer in terms of substance and story-telling last night, offering a tale of ghosts and murder in a more X-Files-stylee. It was a fine performance of torment from Gareth Thomas (best known – to me at least – for his role in Blake’s 7 as Roj Blake) – who…
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October 30, 2006 0

Visit Torchwood

Why not visit Torchwood House, next time you’re taking a trip through the Highlands!

October 23, 2006 0

Day One: First Glance

A double bill of Torchwood on BBC Three this evening, and every sign that Russell T might have pitched this series a little too… darkly. Cardiff comes under threat from an alien entity that feeds off the high of sexual climax. Torchwood accidentally release the alien from fallen space debris and the amorphous alien sets…
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October 22, 2006 0

Everything Changes: First Glance

A promising start. An establishing episode without a doubt. Definitely a mix of X-Files, Millennium, CSI and lord knows what else. Captain Jack Harkness makes his return, missing since 1941 apparently, along with a team of scientists, hackers and misfits to fight hidden alien menace in the heart of Cardiff. I liked it. I thought…
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October 22, 2006 0

Most Wanted

If you load the Workstation Panoramic of Jack’s desk and circle through 180 degrees to what looks like a small desk by the door – is that a picture of Russell T half obscured on the table? Torchwood starts this weekend!

October 18, 2006 0

The Sarah Jane Adventures

BBC – Doctor Who – News: New CBBC spin-off announced. Russell T Davies has created The Sarah Jane Adventures, a brand new series for CBBC. Set in present-day West London, the programme stars Elisabeth Sladen, continuing her much-loved role as Sarah Jane Smith. Yasmin Paige will join her as Sarah’s 13-year-old neighbour Maria. The BBC…
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September 20, 2006 0

Pantomime Mouse Attack

The Talons of Weng-Chiang – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Doctor brings Leela to Victorian London to see how her ancestors lived, but is rapidly drawn into a fiendish plot involving Chinese tongs, disappearing women, an Oriental stage magician, a murderous ventriloquist’s dummy and giant rats in the sewers. Had the pleasure of watching this…
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September 15, 2006 0

Temporal Malfunction

It occured to me that the whole business of time radiation seems a bit… rum. I can forgive the whole business with the Dalek in the first season. The principle that the Dalek’s harnessed temporal technologies to power their regenerative and functional systems – faced with a time travelling enemy – seems to make sense.…
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August 8, 2006 0