Own Goal

I’m pleased to see that Weebl-Stuff now offers a Footy Badger experience updated to included the unique atmospheric experience of the lepatata.

Personally, I have no particular love for football – so the inclusion of the vuvuzela in all matches of the 2010 World Cup has simply layered more frosted shit on an already soiled cake for me. It beggars belief that anyone allowed those things into the premises, given that scientists (gotta love ’em) have found they generate 100 – 130db of tinnitus inducing noise. Permanent damage seems almost a certainty for the people of South African and anyone within earshot.

If I do chance across the football and linger for more than a moment, it would be nice to have a Red Button option to switch from standard viewing to one with no stadium sound and an enthusiastic Radio 5 Live commentary. I can manage 90 minutes of football punditry, rambling on about small boys in the park with jumpers for goal posts.

I’m certain the vuvuzela represents a bit of a Marmite experience for the viewing (and attending) public; but, for me, it’s definitely not a positive reaction on any level (England’s lacklustre performance doesn’t help either!).





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