Not Really Seeing, Yet

Wow… I’m reading a basic book on the buddha-dharma at the moment. If I’m taking anything away so far, it’s that if I think I have any idea what it’s about, I’m probably wrong. It would seem to have something in common with Heisenberg‘s Uncertainty Principle or perhaps Schrödinger’s Cat – something along the lines of if you observe one thing about the buddha-dharma and wrap your own conceits, constraints and mind around it, you will have unintentionally (or, possibly, intentionally) skewed your understanding (or potential for understanding).

You can only see the Truth (as the book would put it) by freeing your mind (and getting all Matrix on it’s ass).

If you impose yourself on it, or try to give something a name, a form, a purpose, a shape… whatever – then you’re seeing what you want to see, rather than Seeing it. In fact, the very act of writing this blog entry about the buddha-dharma and attempting to describe how I think it is probably takes me further away from seeing the Truth of the matter.

I need to find a place, a viewpoint… some sort of perspective. And yet, I can’t choose where that point lies, because that act alone would make for a subjective vantage and impose something of me on what I’ve seeking to See. I might have to go for a lie down now.

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