F is for Family

f-is-for-familyF is for Family

I didn’t quite know what to write about today until I had a shower.

Revelation most often happens in the shower. I have never worked out why.

Without family where would I be? What would I be doing?

I speak of myself here – not judging the quality of family or the meaning in a general sense. To me family means balance. The good and the bad. The joy and the frustration. The ups and the downs.

When I’m ill, I know that my wife will give up her time to look after me; as would I care for her. When we play games, we have fun, challenge each other and discuss what we thought about game balance. When we’re not in the mood, the family get fractious, arguments break out too easily, frustrations run close to the surface and voices raise in volume.

Positive and negative.

Last night, I ask my youngest son if he’d caught up with The Walking Dead yet. He asked me if it was so I could talk about it. Yes, I said. That’s nice. I love that. I asked how far he’d got reading the comics because I would quite like to talk about that too. He said he didn’t remember, but he might have to start over – which with the size of the Omnibus volumes stands as something of a commitment! I like that, too.

I like the smiles, the laughter, the hugs, the sly pokes. I know they’ll be harsh words, stern messages, brief reprimands and long speeches on basic values.

In the end, family matters – the people I share the house with. My family elsewhere. Those who have gone; those who might yet be. I love them all for all the good and the bad of it.





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