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January 31, 2010 Freaky 0

I have a doubt. I have a doubt that inhabits a dream. I have every reason to believe that this doubt haunts my dreams out of some kind of guilt.

To build a tad of context for this doubt, I got a 2.2 degree in History and Political Studies at university. I have no regrets in this regard. Well, no – that isn’t true. I do have regrets, because a 1st Class degree would look far more impressive framed and hung from my wall. When I explained what a 2.2 was to my wife, she questioned why I would ever want to reveal such a qualification to anyone, never mind have it framed and hung on any visible wall within the house. Perhaps this certificate might better be displayed next to the planning permission for the demolition of Arthur Dent’s house.

Anyway, I have a recurring dream about not attending History lessons at school. In these dreams, I do all sorts of other things, but end up looking at a timetable and realising whatever it is I’ve been doing it has meant I’ve utterly failed to attend a History lesson. In most instances, I have missed history lessons at school rather than university.

However, I also have a recurring dream that I have failed to pay the rent on my digs at university – and left one or more personal items behind. Last night, this fact managed to slip into a dream that didn’t even seem to have anything to do with school or university – and involved all manner of other people and places ranging from my wife through current work colleagues to rooms in old places of work.

Anyone with theories about why either of these doubts should haunt me so can freely comment!


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