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In the past I looked to focus the content of multiple blogs under the banner of boreders. Now, I have decided that it might be better to stick with the original format. In truth, I think the idea probably stemmed from the fallow state of multiple blogs. If I have many blogs with occasional postings, combining them would mean more output on the one blog, right?


The outcome, as it happens, seems to be that I just spend as little time on the core blog so it looks no different to the disparate originals.

Oh well.

The upshot for you? Well, you might want to establish some kind of holding pattern around my blogs and check them out from time to time. I may consider having the latest blog entry from each appear in a widget on this site. That might work.

The most active blog is The Iron Pact, which covers matters related to my take on the world of Symbaroum. All tabletop role-playing, setting ideas and alternate mechanics; I have thoroughly enjoyed picking through this game and finding furtile soul to grow new ideas from. I have got halfway through an alphabetical challenge for 2017 – and hit 100,000 words of new content. In addition, I have kicked off a translation project to render many of the articles on here into French, hosted at Le Pacte de Fer.

My own games develop around Just Crunch and The Dee Sanction, where you can find posts on The Cthulhu Hack and, well, The Dee Sanction, respectively. The Cthulhu Hack is a rules-lite game of investigation, threat and dwindling hope set against the back drop of a Lovecraftian universe of cosmic horror. The Dee Sanction is an Elizabethan espionage game riddled with dark cults, esoteric artefacts, and shedloads of Angel Magic, courtesy of Doctor John Dee and Edward Kelley. TCH has a lot of material out in PDF and physical form; TDS I hope to have in PDF, at least, by the end of 2017.

On boreders you can expect to find general posts, thoughts, occasional reviews, and the varied detritus of an overactive mind.

Over at All Rolled Up, you can find my wife’s business – making fantastic game rolls to hold dice, pens, counters, cards and more, plus flexible folding dice trays, wipeable PVC mini-white boards, card boxes, dice and more. ARU have been bubbling through the gaming community for the last 3 years – and this year will see the team head to Gencon, UK Games Expo, and Spiel.

At Omega Complex, I have extracted content from boreders and restored it – and there I’ll consider dystopia gaming and specifically PARANOIA. PARANOIA takes places sometime and somewhere in a closed complex filled with a genetically manipulated population of docile workers and scheming overlords, mothered by a questionably benevolent artificial intelligence, The Computer. All kinds of Brave New World, 1984, Memoirs Found in a Bath Tub, Brazil and more – it has a history of being zany fun, though the Noughties XP edition showed that the setting could achieve grimdark hues in the right hands.

I haven’t decided yet whether to restore Renegade Timelord to full function, my blog about time travel and the Whoniverse (including Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane, Class, and the various audio spin-offs). For the moment, all the old content exists there and here on boreders. I’ll see how I feel as Series 10 continues.

That’s it for the moment. More web sites definitely exist, but that’s the core. I’ll do my best to not diversify too much more. Mind you, I make no promises.






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