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Get Over It

Well, the world moved on in the last fortnight, didn’t it. The weather has shimmied and jostled from overpowering heat to moist and warm – at a pace quite alarming to most. I have gone from spending one night sleeping above the quilt, to the next tucked firmly beneath it – and that isn’t right,…
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July 2, 2010 0

April Falls

Seriously, I cannot believe the bad luck we’ve suffered in the last week. I should have been celebrating my 10th anniversary, but that’s been somewhat soured by an odd turn of events. On Tuesday, at work, I fell over. Now, under other circumstances that might have meant a bruise or a scrape, but I had…
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April 4, 2010 0

Back to Back to Basics

After all too long a delay, I have finally managed to put my ‘web design’ site back online… I’m admitting right now the site is basic, the content is off the cuff, and I fully intend to do more with it later. However, the site has been offline for months and I have more than…
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February 27, 2010 0


In an ideal world, I think technology should be as flexible as possible, meeting myriad needs of the average user in a single compact package. For example, since I got a new computer a while back I have been searching for something that will allow me to blog without having to visit my blogs. I…
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October 11, 2009 0


… Several Words Arranged To Confound preHension. I currently suffer from a severe case of acronygnorance (see what I did there?) at work, where the TLA (three letter abbreviation ((Yes… abbreviation. An acronym forms a pronouncable word and since when has TLA been anything of the sort?)) ) rules supreme. I, as an upshot of…
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January 9, 2008 0