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Doctor Who on Sale

Opportunity to pick up PDF copies of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Doctor Who: Aliens and Creatures for about 30% off the normal price in the Movie sale at DriveThruRPG. Well worth picking up if you haven’t got yourself a copy already!

May 6, 2011 0

Adventure Path

Predictability, or the lack of it, can make it very hard to design an adventure. I use loose plotting as it is, and I’m thankful I don’t spend a tremendous amount of time preparing. For the adventure I’ve run over the last three week, I had a view of key people, locations and event, but…
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May 5, 2011 0

Field Report

I have been running a Doctor Who adventure for the last fortnight. I expect it will reach a conclusion this Wednesday. Three sessions will represent about 7 – 8 hours of playing time, including some explanation of the character generation system. Once I have finished running the adventure, I’ll post a report on the story,…
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May 2, 2011 0

In The Library

Well, the two-parter kick-off for Season 6a certainly raised the stakes, opened up many new potentials, and thoroughly excited me. I could feel comfort in the writing and the acting. I thrilled at the interactions between the primary characters, including Canton, and The Silence provided a creepy opposition. And clearly we haven’t seen the last…
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April 30, 2011 0

Weevil Time

If you have an overwhelming urge to construct you own Torchwood Weevil army, now would seem to be as good as time as any. Need to fill you Pandorica chamber with growling Weevil menaces – no problem. Get yourself down to your local branch of Toys R Us, and you’ll likely find – as I…
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April 30, 2011 0

Charity Who

Comic Relief night, this Friday (18th March) will see a Doctor Who short, with the Doctor, Rory and two Amys. Seen briefly in the trailers for Friday’s charity event, the short continues the tradition of Doctor Who support for charity events, which has seen the the 5th and 9th Doctor saving the TARDIS and Doctors…
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March 16, 2011 0


I didn’t say much about Christmas. What can I say? Katherine Jenkins – beautiful. A talented singer and a feast for the eyes. Matt Smith – sublime as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Gambon – cumudgeonly and appropriately Scrooge like, an old man tortured by the mistakes of the past. As with previous Who, the…
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January 25, 2011 0

River Delights

Is it wrong of me to really want to see more of River when we see more of River, despite the fact they’re never going to show more of River in a family show like Doctor Who? (You need to have seen the latest ‘2011’ advert for upcoming series on the BBC or the ‘Coming…
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January 1, 2011 0

The TARDIS Revisited

When you see the reconstructed TARDIS for the first time in ‘The Eleventh Hour’, you hope for more. In the old days, we saw corridors, bedrooms, a reception, laboratory, garden… and the Cloister Room, of course. Now, the brevity of the episodes perhaps precludes the need to visit the rest of the TARDIS. I hoped…
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October 17, 2010 0

Who at Tesco

What are the chances of walking into Tesco and finding a Scarecrow, Ood, Cyberman, Silurian and a Clockwork Robot? Most days it’s probably quite unlikely. On this occasion though, a promotion for the Doctor Who LIVE event provided a chance to stand in a queue and have pictures taken with these very beasties. Alas, poor…
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September 3, 2010 0