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Too Little or Too Much?

I had a chat with some of my roleplaying group the other day about storytelling games. We just finished a very tight and entertaining game of Fiasco – using Graham Walmsley‘s “Unaussprechlichen Kulten” playset – and had started to chat. The discussion concerned why certain storytelling games worked and others didn’t – or at least,…
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January 11, 2012 0

Conan the Statisticator

Played Conan for the first time yesterday. As we run on fairly tight timelines (we only really have 150 minutes on a Wednesday to play in), we tend towards short adventures (two or three sessions) and pregen characters. On this occasion, I might have communicated a bit late in saying I wanted to play a…
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May 12, 2011 0

Mechanical Breakdown

I approach any new game with considerable caution, even the simplest ones. I have this habit of deconstructing mechanics without even taking the time to try them out. This might be a good thing. Given my desire for crunch, it might be bad as well. I do what I can to stop this, but given…
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February 28, 2011 0

Striking a Balance

I played Pathfinder last night. I’m a Ranger called Nial. I haven’t played the game before nor had I played with this group before, so I had a completely new experience and, in general, I enjoyed myself. I have to say, the adventure – an official one aimed at the 1st level character – did…
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February 24, 2011 0

Conventionally Done

I attended the Kensington-based Dragonmeet convention at the weekend. I’m verging on being a regular, having attended for the last four years, but never been before as the guest of anyone. On this occasion, I attended as a guest of Arion Games owner Graham Bottley. Mind, I would not get to sit around and freeload……
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November 29, 2010 0

Xtreme Zombie Sports Bikini Special

I have serious doubts about this sort of product‘s appeal. Yes, I realise there’s a humorous slant here; but, this woman looks like she’s been dug up or defrosted. Like ‘Macho Women with Guns‘, ‘Hot Chicks‘ approaches action gaming with tongue planted firmly in cheek – so firmly, one would suspect, that to the wrong…
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July 18, 2010 0

Backswords & Bucklers

I spent some time with people on stalls chatting, either seeking answers to specific questions – like when the next supplement for Doctor Who might be expected from the folks at the Cubicle 7 stand – or more general chat. I had one such brief chat with Chris Cale at the Tied to a Kite…
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June 8, 2010 0

Craft Day

I’m trying to do something restful, something that will take my mind off the headache. So, seeing as I want to try some D&D soon, I thought I’d paint some miniatures. Out come the paints, the geeky paint station, the brushes and files, and epoxy glue. It takes time and I’m little more than an…
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April 9, 2009 0

The Sward and the Stone

In 1446, Wales perched on the precipice, faced with the prospect of a new rebellion by restless natives. Complacent English nobles, entrusted with expansive domains, stretch themselves all too thin, leaving stewards to run much of their lands and properties. In many instances, these stewards come from the local population, swayed by misplaced loyalties and…
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October 13, 2008 0

The Impact of Gaming

E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson made a difference to my childhood and adult life alike. Without the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons in the 70s and the surge of games that spawned around the role playing phenomena in the ensuing decades, I would never have led the double life I have. Yes, I would…
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March 5, 2008 0