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Debate, The Second

Thursday night, I watched the second debate on Sky News. I watched for the whole 90 minutes, as compared to the 30 minutes last time (because, frankly, there was a DVD I wanted to watch and in the balance it was preferable to watch that rather than three men yapping). I listened intently and watched…
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April 23, 2010 0

Popularity Pressures

Isn’t it heart-warming to know that the Cabinet will be in Birmingham today rather than London, in what may be an ongoing feature of their meetings. As well as holding the meeting itself, they’ll be meeting local people, councillors and doing the whole bit to bolster failing support in the government. In pursuit of popularity,…
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September 8, 2008 0

Fool Me Once

From Fox News Sunday, 10th February: WALLACE: So, why do you think [Barack Obama has] gotten this far if people don’t know what he stands for? BUSH: You’re the pundit. I’m just a simple president. You couldn’t summarise Bush a great deal better than that…

February 12, 2008 0