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K is for Khan

One of my favourites and in turn one of my favourite movie moments of all time has to be Khan, as played by Ricardo Montalb├ín. While Montalb├ín undoubtedly had greater fame for other roles (like Mr Roarke from the long-running series Fantasy Island), he played the part of Khan Noonien Singh in the 1967 Star…
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April 14, 2016 0

Limitless or Not So Much

Limitless, the TV series, takes place four years after the events of Limitless, the movie, with a guest appearance by Bradley Cooper, who also have a role as Executive Producer. I watched the first three episodes this weekend and the key question for me has to be: “What is the US fascination with police procedural…
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February 29, 2016 0

The Spectre of My Butt

Today I judge my tolerance for new movies by the pain in my butt. A fact of age, I suspect. I cannot tolerate the sit through anything if it means the discomfort of shifting from buttock to buttock. If I lose sensation in my behind and there’s nothing there to distract me, the diversion has…
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November 1, 2015 0