Category: Gadgets

  • iWant

    Oh, like I’m going to be able myself. I mean, I don’t have the money – but I can dream right. In the UK, I suspect we won’t see these in the shops for a few months yet, but I can desire, right? I can envy those who have touched this device of apparent beauty.…

  • They Wet Their Nests

    I’m in the mood for t-shirts… so, I’ve taken the plunge and opened my own Cafepress store, with fine apparel and the odd mug here and there. After recreating my Doctor Who ‘Blink‘ tribute, I’ve now added a nod to the discerning ornithologist who does like the gannet, the nut hatch, or the robin.

  • Feed Me

    Now that I have taken the leap into the 21st Century, I have the chance to flood my page with content from other sites as well as my own. So, not only do you have the chance to read my drivel here, you can read it from my other blogs – like Renegade Time Lord…