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Hell Yes

If anyone cares about my opinion, I enjoyed Hell Bent. I liked the stand-off at the beginning, with connections back to earlier episodes in the ‘barn’ – and the sense that the Doctor had the people behind him as a hero. The line in the sand and the escalating interest from the Time Lords… that…
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December 8, 2015 0

Under the Lake

Otherwise known as Echoes of the Baker. Seriously, for all the right reasons, this could easily have been an episode featuring Tom Baker as The Doctor with his trusty screaming, but supportive, companion Sarah-Jane Smith. An undersea base – once a military base in a village drowned by a broken dam – has been reopened…
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October 4, 2015 0

Saving Santa

OK – I can see Christmas Who remaining as divisive as ever. Since the Sycarax, murderous Christmas trees and oompah Santa-masked mercenaries took to the screen in the Tennent-period, has anything divided Who fans more? OK – Catherine Tate, perhaps. And Clara. Indeed, I sense Clara will have much to do with the division this…
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December 26, 2014 0

Kill The Moon – with Spiders

To my mind, ‘Kill The Moon’ turned out to be another good episode. If I could compare it to a past Doctor – and it feels like the series currently demands that of you – it would probably be the Fourth Doctor, dear old Tom Baker. When the Doctor disappears into the crack in the…
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October 29, 2014 0

You Ham-Fisted Bun Vendor!

Days of delicate hard work and now look at it… The whole plan up in smoke because you messed with my careful (and entirely suspicious) preparations. So, The Doctor gets a job as the caretaker at Coal Hill School, on the trail of the relentless and terrifying Skovox Blitzer (it’s a sort of crab/spider/robot thing that…
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October 7, 2014 0

The Heist of Your Life

OK – so, I don’t think that we have done a bank job before. Or done something quite so Ocean’s Eleven with time travellers thrown into the mix. I can see the potential for entertainment value here – and, I wouldn’t rob Time Heist of any redeeming features. However, it didn’t really do it for me. Even…
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October 7, 2014 0

I’m Still Listening

By no means redeeming Moffat for the first three episodes of the new Doctor, Listen, in my honest opinion, has been the best of the series so far and shows that despite evidence Clara and The Doctor can work together. I did have some sneaky sense that something was just terribly wrong and that they simply…
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September 13, 2014 0

Missy – Facts or Fiction?

I have mentioned it before – Moffat has piqued my interest with the introduction of the character Missy (played by Michelle Gomez). She appeared at the end of the first episode and close to the end of the second, her appearances fleeting and curious as with Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber) in Series 6. For my part,…
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September 10, 2014 0

Into the Not So Cool Dalek

I have a real problem with the episode “Dalek“. RTD made the damned thing so cool, no Dalek before or since can live up to it. Seriously. The whole sequence where the Dalek assimilates time energy to regenerate, then heads out to exterminate its captors. The solders fall back, firing meagre weaponry that fails even…
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September 9, 2014 0

Take a Deep Breath

I had no particular expectations about Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, because the actor and the character so often have little in common. I mean, take David Tennant adopted a different accent and before Who his hair wasn’t so flamboyantly coiffured. I wanted to take the new Doctor as something of a blank slate. Deep…
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September 2, 2014 0