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An Afternoon of Board Games

I’m not a gamer that enjoys all games. I actually appreciate new games better if I have had the chance to at least cast a cursory gaze across the rules. Or, I can just about manage if I play a game with someone explaining the rules – providing they know the rules from back to…
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March 9, 2015 0

Madness and Wonders

Spent most of Sunday at the Bolton boardgames day run by GNOMES. Despite an initial hiccup, where double-booking of the normal church hall meant a change of location, the day went reasonably well. We played four games over about 8 hours. Aside from one game, we’d never played them before – and the exception, Mansions…
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March 29, 2011 0

All Powered Up

We played a game of Power Grid yesterday for the first time. Bought the copy at a gaming event over the summer when we were looking for recommendations on a good new game. Unfortunately, gaming evenings have been few since then, so yesterday was our first chance to give it a go. Basically, you buy…
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October 26, 2009 0