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Tooth and Claw: First Glance

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Tooth and Claw‘ at the weekend – even though a time disfunction (i.e. my kitchen clock running slow) led to my missing the first 10 minutes or so of the episode. Luckily, the story proved simple enough to pick up. I could ascertain something was amiss in the house without seeing the…
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April 24, 2006 0

By Royal Appointment

Just caught a report on Sky News with Prince Andrew. In general discussion with the reporter, the Prince reminisced about his childhood and mentioned they sometimes watched television. At weekends, they watched Grandstand on a Saturday and cricket on a Sunday… And, the Andrew admitted to having been bought up on the original Doctor Who,…
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April 23, 2006 0

60 for 3

I just saw India Fisher (Charley, companion to the Eighth Doctor) in a Vodaphone advert. It’s one of the current series that shows a mobile user getting a conversation seconds long instead of the significant higher amount of time they’d get with Vodaphone… The odd thing about it… well, India had brown hair, rather than…
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April 18, 2006 0

Oh Flip

You know, having read through Time Lord again… the one thing that really bugs me is the dice. All this stuff about rolling two dice and deducting the result of one from the other to get a final score of 0 to 5. I mean… what’s that all about? It seems to be a sluggish,…
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April 16, 2006 0

New Earth: First Glance

The new series of Doctor Who started last night with the episode New Earth. It isn’t a spoiler at all to note that this episode features the return of Lady Cassandra (the stretched piece of skin representing the last of pure blooded Humanity in the year 5,000,000) and The Face of Boe, providing a comforting…
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April 16, 2006 0


Having spent all too long trying to be clever with my home grown blog, I have decided it would be far simpler to maintain this site with… well, a real blog. So, here it is. As a result of this massive technological leap forward, expect far more regular content updates on this site – as…
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April 11, 2006 0

Random Acts of Kindness

My wife was shopping in Tesco. There was usual daytime traffic at the tills, so people were waiting with hair-trigger patience to get scanned through and out. My wife was in line just behind an elderly man who had a tiny gathering of basic items in his basket. He was frail and slightly dishevelled looking,…
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April 4, 2004 0

Driving Bryan Talbot

Last night I drove Bryan Talbot to Longsight Library in south Manchester. I’m not sure what to think. I went through my comic collection last night and found a copy of 2000AD (mid-500s) from 1987. It had a picture of Thoth and his pet Tyrannosaurus, Satanus, hunting down Colonel John M. Chivington, an earlier incarnation…
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October 8, 2003 0