42: Considered Thoughts

I had some severe reservations about Chris Chibnall from the outset… so, it came as something of a relief to watch this episode and not come away feeling I wasted my precious evening. While 42 came replete with cliches aplenty, it worked as a single-episode story. I found the acting a little stilted and lines like “He’s picking us off one by one…” a groaning pain to hear… but, in the end, I enjoyed the ride.

While I look forward to hearing more about Saxon, I did feel the phone-tapping added nothing to the story whatsoever… and the whole phone home business in general… well, shoe-horned in or what! Yes, Rose had a Universal Roaming mobile phone… so, give Martha one as well, just when she needs it. Hell, 20 minutes before she needed it. No… they could handled it so much better than that.

Science… anyone study it at all. Yes, I know that our modern view of science can’t even comprehend the breakthroughs of the future… but, push-button switches on the outside of a spaceship? Out-dated freighters with drives that can outrace the gravitational pull of a star? Magnetic hull plating that can attract an escape pod… and the pod only… and none of the other free-floating metals in space (i.e. meteors and space dust, for a start). Hmm… Must try harder.