Indiecon 2014 – Quick Report

So, I spent the weekend near Christchurch, at the Hoburne Naish holiday village toward Barton-on-Sea participating in the annual Indiecon event. Despite the best efforts of the rain and 50 miles per hour speed limits on the way down, and continued rain on and off throughout the weekend, I had a good time. I shared …read in detail

Reading Is Fun

Reading about Sir Francis Walsingham and the shadowy war of espionage and counter-intelligence in the Court of Queen Elizabeth has been entertaining me on multiple levels. I’m covering several bases here – which is nice. Firstly, it’s my period of choice. I never consciously made a decision to solely focus on one period, but somehow …read in detail

Conventional Diplomacy

I had a great weekend in Sheffield, as the gaming-focussed Furnace event. A little poor health aside, I had a lot of fun and All Rolled Up has the chance to show off some product to old and new customers alike. We clashed with Spiel this weekend. That meant my wife had to make up …read in detail

My First RPG Played

Well, that would be red box Basic Dungeons & Dragons. I’m guessing it would be in 1984, when I was 12, or thereabouts, and in my second year at Beanfield Comprehensive School* – in the small industrial newtown of Corby. I had managed to show enough interest in music to find myself a member of …read in detail

Nokia’s Z Launcher: Day #1

Downloaded Nokia’s Z Launcher this morning, after seeing an article about it. At a most basic level, a launcher is what you see on your home screen when you power on your Android phone (and get through whatever security you may have in place). The default state launcher will probably have a clock and a …read in detail

Not Really Seeing, Yet

Wow… I’m reading a basic book on the buddha-dharma at the moment. If I’m taking anything away so far, it’s that if I think I have any idea what it’s about, I’m probably wrong. It would seem to have something in common with Heisenberg‘s Uncertainty Principle or perhaps Schrödinger’s Cat – something along the lines …read in detail

Make Time. Lose Weight. Be Mindful.

Eat steady. Make time. Keep it up. Do it your way. That’s the executive summary. Alex Mayo posted a thing about eating breakfast and diet – and I couldn’t help but contribute. Rather than see the whole thing drift off into the Google+ sunset, I thought I’d gather the various thoughts together… Then I lost …read in detail

Storming and Cliffhangers

I have had a busy gaming long weekend, running Numenera and TimeWatch at Concrete Cow and Bookhounds of London last night, for my local gaming group. Despite 8 hours gaming I have incited very little dice rolling and managed to get by on minimal prep, which works out fine for me. I have found with many games that despite the mechanical …read in detail

It’s Exactly Like That

I ran my Numenera session to time yesterday. The group of numenera hunters, enthusiastic explorers and loyal Truth followers managed to find their way to the source of problems threatening Briary, and resolved it. That makes three sessions, with the first spent creating characters. When I say I ran to time, I ran to a target more …read in detail