Running Games at UK Games Expo ?>

Running Games at UK Games Expo

Mindful of needing to help out elsewhere in NEC Hall 1, I slotted my games into each morning of UK Games Expo‘s three days – and had full signs up for Fri/Sat and 5 of 6 for Sunday. I don’t especially enjoy 6-player games anymore, preferring 4 – 5, but for Expo and the burgeoning need for games, it makes sense. Friday morning was Symbaroum, and aside from my forgetting the name of the adventure so that one player wandered…

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A Little Less Conversation… ?>

A Little Less Conversation…

Daredevil continues to rock, though it might have a little foundational quiver. Season 2 did not have the solidity of Season 1. Kingpin made Season 1 BIG TIME. While we saw all the other gang leaders paying lip service to him while feathering their own and dealing with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Fisk dominated. Strong characters and back-ups in Foggy, Karen, Ben, Wesley, Vanessa, and Claire. Season 2 lacked the strong focus. We had different characters with different agendas…

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Call of the Murderhobos ?>

Call of the Murderhobos

I have been thumbing through The Black Hack with the aim of running the game at some upcoming events. Rather than taking the easy option and having a go at the standard approach, I thought I’d hack the Hack and see whether I could get something with a Cthulhu / Chill vibe going. I imagine it will descend into a chaos of gibbering, blood and spent matches, but doesn’t it always?

U is for Unorganised ?>

U is for Unorganised

While under most circumstances a lack of organisation can lead to stress and last minute disappointment, sometimes those negatives serve as a balance to a big positive. My local gaming group – STockport¬†Unorganised Role Players – has the whole unorganised thing down part. STURP started out as the idea of a local bar person at the Heaton Moor KRO (yes, that’s why we have a crow as the emblem of our little group). A call for local roleplayers through…

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W is for Wooden Pens ?>

W is for Wooden Pens

I have become a great fan of wooden pens; that sort of fountain pen or similar stationery that take advantage of the tactile as well as the usable. It doesn’t make them astonishingly expensive. I mean, these aren’t disposable biro either. In the end, you have something that combines function with feeling. I think if you want to have an experience, you spend a little more on it. People spend ¬£50 a head on a fantastic meal – and I…

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T is for Trepanning ?>

T is for Trepanning

I have never quite worked out why my entry on h2g2 about Trepanning received so much attention. For a while, I had the draft version of the article on this website and it easily accounted for the bulk of search engine traffic over any given year. Humanity has always innovated in the strangest way, using all manner of experiences to guide advances in technology, medicine, and general understanding. I mean, why do we drink cow’s milk? It’s one of those…

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S is for Speed Reading ?>

S is for Speed Reading

If I could acquire one realistically achievable skill, that would be effective speed reading. By effective, I mean the ability to not only read faster but to retain and comprehend the material on a level that fits with what I’m doing. In speed reading challenges, I imagine that speed reading works because of a combination of technique and short-term retention of information. You can skim your eyes over the words and keep the information handy for a short space of…

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