Make Time. Lose Weight. Be Mindful.

Boiled egg in egg holder

Eat steady. Make time. Keep it up. Do it your way. That’s the executive summary. Alex Mayo posted a thing about eating breakfast and diet – and I couldn’t help but contribute. Rather than see the whole thing drift off into the Google+ sunset, I thought I’d gather the various thoughts together…

Then I lost the whole content of this blog, so that I’ve had to pull the original material out all over again. Sigh.

Most Important Meal

The thing with breakfast is that it doesn’t need to be horrible to be healthy. I mix my own muesli from a base rye flake up, and eat it with a mix of 1/3 soya and 2/3 water… though I’m pretty much weaned off the soya. You actually find milk/soya didn’t add much to the experience other than wetness…

Favourite alternative for hunger-busting is a couple of hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Continue reading…

Not Too Thin… Just (Too) Focussed

I have been accused of losing too much weight.

I’m not sure that that’s the case, though I might be using the wrong targets as a means to make my own assessment.

For example, I have been taking account of Body Mass Index, despite the fact that I haven’t had a proper measurement made. I can’t say that my estimated BMI has any connection to reality, nor that what I’m aiming necessarily would work for me.

As far as I’m aware, 12 stone 4 pounds represents the ceiling between healthy weight and overweight for my height. In my view, I’d like to stay clear of 12 stone in general as a result. I have been aiming for about 1 stone less than this – though even that doesn’t bring me low enough to get the perfect middle balance of the BMI scale.

In practice, I feel like I want to lose weight because where I am now doesn’t make me comfortable. On the other hand, it’s possible that I’m not comfortable out of some sort of OCD. I’d like to be about 11 stone 6 pounds – about 160 pounds. Or, 72.5kg. Like I say… a bit OCD.
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Storming and Cliffhangers

bookhoundsI have had a busy gaming long weekend, running Numenera and TimeWatch at Concrete Cow and Bookhounds of London last night, for my local gaming group. Despite 8 hours gaming I have incited very little dice rolling and managed to get by on minimal prep, which works out fine for me.

I have found with many games that despite the mechanical need for dice, their appearance always seems to be far less frequent than I’d imagined. The story seems to take over and when the dice appear it always seems I’m suggesting it out of guilt. I feel like they’ve made the attempt to turn up for the game so they should get rolled.

In Gumshoe last night, we had a couple of dice rolls over a 2.5 hour game – and one of those rolls happened in the first few minutes, when a potential patron spontaneously and messily expired. It doesn’t feel wrong in Gumshoe for this to happen, because the game’s about clue, finding them, and pretty much managing it the whole time without needing to mess around with dice. On the other hand, players quite like rolling dice.

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It’s Exactly Like That


I ran my Numenera session to time yesterday. The group of numenera hunters, enthusiastic explorers and loyal Truth followers managed to find their way to the source of problems threatening Briary, and resolved it. That makes three sessions, with the first spent creating characters.

When I say I ran to time, I ran to a target more so. I had several encounters mapped out that never happened and have a structure that never made an appearance. I skipped the discovery of numenera and empowered players with the agency to get the game they desired.

Someone actually made a comment about not playing the GM’s adventure, or something along those lines. A moment of amusement around the idea that anyone would care to follow the GM’s plotline and make it easy! I never have anything of the sort in mind. Continue reading…

The Tree of Knowledge – a Numenera Session

Ran a game of Numenera last night with 6 characters (which is probably the upper limit, because it can get hard to give everyone the attention they deserve). It remained a fairly cerebral session of discussion, investigation, travel and planning – only a few dice rolls and no combat.

Correction: I actually managed this session with 7 people, as I forgot a late arrival. In total, I think we had a Glaive, two Jacks and four Nano.

The idea for the adventure came to me through a combination of reading Numenera source material – specifically the core rules and Ryan Chaddock’s excellent Celestial Wisdom – finding a picture of a frankly bizarre tree, and a roll of my newly acquired Rory’s Story Cubes. The rest just seemed to fall into place…

Unnatural Landscape by janhein on DeviantArt

Unnatural Landscape by janhein on DeviantArt Continue reading…

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